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And if there is one thing I’m certain of, when people need help, I never refuse.

Jodie Whittaker’s debut Doctor Who episode was watched by an incredible 8.2 million viewers on BBC One last night, according to the overnight figures! 📺 ✨


I am who I am.


The time has come! The Doctor is back!

Switch your telly boxes to BBC One. Doctor Who is about to begin!

She’s almost here!

The Woman Who Fell to Earth. 6:45pm. BBC One.

Jodie Whittaker sheds some light on how she became and was revealed to be the Thirteenth Doctor!


Doctor Who. 6:45pm. BBC One.

“Why are you calling me madam?”

Here’s a sneak preview of ‘The Woman Who Fell To Earth’, which starts Sunday, 7th October at 6:45pm on BBC One!

It’s About Time!

Doctor Who returns with Jodie Whittaker on Sunday, 7th October on BBC One with ‘The Woman Who Fell to Earth’.