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It’s The Eleventh Doctor’s Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Matt Smith!

🎂 🎉

Lizzie and the Duke- James Corden and Matt Smith turn The Crown into a Cop Show

The Ninth Doctor met the Eleventh Doctor at London Film and Comic Con

The Doctor Who production office’s favourite issue of The Beano

(Rings of Akhaten/ Series 11 Teaser)

Spotter’s Guide to the Doctor’s hair

(By Will Brooks)

On this day in 2013, Merry Gejelh sang to the Old God and The Doctor offered all his memories in ‘The Rings of Akhaten’. 

“I don’t want to go!”

8 years ago today, we said a final goodbye to the Tenth Doctor, as we welcomed the Eleventh Doctor in ‘The End of Time’.

Four years ago today, all thirteen Doctors united to save Gallifrey in the 50th Anniversary Special, ‘The Day of the Doctor’.

On this day in 2012, the Doctor had pistols aimed at him as a cyborg approached in ‘A Town Called Mercy’.

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Spent several weeks on this one. I’m not typically one for a lot of
details, but that’s how it unfolded. It started off on the thought: How does the Doctor deal with self-image? I
wonder what goes through the Doctor’s mind when he/she sees a
reflection. It can’t be the same psychological experience of
self-awareness that humans feel when they see their reflection. Does
(s)he recognize past selves in the same way I always see my 10 year old
self in the mirror, even though I am clearly much older and rough around
the edges?

These are rhetorical of course. I’m not looking for debate. It’s just a thought that started this digital painting.

I love seeing fan art

This is beautiful.