Comic Con Series 11 Panel

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– Chris Chibnall: It’s 10 standalone episodes, there’s no two-parters or anything like that. What we want is for people to feel like we’ve got the range and variety of Doctor Who this year. So if you’ve never seen it before, you’re gonna fall in love with it, and if you have seen it, you’re gonna get those things that you love about the show across the 10 episodes.

– Mandip Gill says she didn’t know what she was auditioning for, such was secrecy

– Jodie Whittaker on regeneration scene: I was nervous to touch anything. I very much felt I was in someone else’s shoes, which was a brilliant way to start.

– Mandip Gill: Yas is a 19-year-old from Sheffield. She asks fora bit more from life and she gets a bit more. She’s whisked on an adventure with people who become her famlly. And she idolises the Doctor. The dynamic between the three friends is beautiful and it develops across the 10 episodes of the series.

– Jodie Whitaker: Walsh’s character Graham is the most cautious character. He’d love a chair and probably a sandwich in every scene.

– Chris Chibnall: “Secrecy’s not an end in itself. We’re making this to put on television. It’s really just so we can get it to you guys all over the world at the same time all polished.”

-Chris Chibnall: “I think that’s who Jodie’s Doctor is. It’s very important the Doctor is a pacifist, solves things through brains not bullets. We need a pillar of hope in these times and that pillar of hope is Jodie Whittaker – not her, the Doctor”

– Jodie Whitaker: I feel like this Doctor requires a lot of energy, a lot of childish wonder, a lot of…“

Tosin Cole: "You’re stern when you need to be and a playful Doctor.”