Favourite things about The Doctor and River&#0…

Favourite things about The Doctor and River's relationship?

oh boy where do I start 

(gonna use gender neutral pronouns for the Doctor given a Thirteen/River thing is still vaguely possible, if not much)

  • firstly, I love what it does for River as a character, because romances are almost always portrayed as weaknesses for female characters, but for her, her romantic relationship is undeniably a strength – she can jump off buildings and out of spaceships because she knows the one she loves will catch her, her love for them is empowering in the most literal sense
  • how it walks a really fascinating line between healthy and unhealthy in its different aspects, but never goes anywhere near toxic or abusive
  • how they’re equals with different strengths and can one up each other in different areas and get all smug with each other
  • also how she needs zero adjustment period for a new Doctor, once she realises it’s them, that’s it, they’re hers and she’s theirs
  • they embody all the emotions you could want in a ship, the beauty, the tragedy, the hilarity, the sass, they’re hot and adorable and heartbreaking and so fucking funny and badass and it’s just Everything
  • how almost any Doctor who meets River is like “well DAMN” (not including Seven who was too aroace for her nonsense lmao)
  • the
  • fucking 
  • heart eyes
  • the flirting, too, my god, get a fucking room you two, I swear
  • they’re so both really fucking attractive okay I am but a weak pansexual who never stood a damn chance