13th Doctor Headcanons

  • Literal angel but can go from smiling puppy mood to vengeful RAGE in 0.1 seconds
  • Laughs at herself when she’s wrong (though she rarely is)
  • REALLY NORTHERN. Calls tea a “brew”. Lunch is Dinner and Dinner is Tea. Takes the mick out of the South.
  • Looks majestic with her cool coat blowing in the wind but then gets hit in the face by her hair and spits it out before trying to regain her cool look.
  • Runs REALLY FAST like her pals struggle to keep up with her
  • So she drags them along by the hand and all they can do is try not to fall over
  • Also runs like a dork. Lots of flailing and stumbling.
  • Steals companions clothes because there’s so much FUN AND NOVELTY IN HER NEW BODY AND SHE HAS TO TRY EVERYTHING
  • She never stays still. She taps her feet, her eyes are moving constantly, she wiggles her fingers and waves her hands when talking
  • When she’s angry its hard to remember the loving dork underneath. When she’s angry, when she’s really, properly, furiously, angry she’d do anything to punish the people responsible. She likes JUSTICE.
  • Likes to sit on the edge of the TARDIS doorway swinging her legs and looking at the galaxies around her. Its peaceful and makes her feel safe.
  • Smiles all the time
  • Sits cross-legged with her sonic between her teeth, fixing a problem with the thing in her lap.
  • Finds so much amusement in looking at herself in the mirror because NEW BODY ,NEW GENDER, LOOK AT THAT??! Sometimes stops in the middle of a street just because she can’t get over the novelty of her own reflection.
  • Always gives a thumbs up, even at inappropriate times. Eg: “we’re alive!!!” *13 gives a big grinned thumbs up*
  • Likes to act as a taxi. Need to go to work? 13 WILL TAKE YOU! Visiting a relative? 13 HAS GOT THIS COVERED DONT YOU WORRY! Popping to the shops? MIGHT AS WELL DO IT IN A TIME MACHINE SPACESHIP AM I RIGHT?!
  • Odd socks
  • Brushes her hair never
  • Likes to doodle. Sometimes draws silly caricatures of the villains she’s trying to defeat, just to annoy/offend them. If she is going to make a dramatic escape, she’ll leave behind a drawing of herself waving and saying “bye!” and then the villain will pick it up and angrily scrunch it into a ball.
  • Doesn’t understand high heels. She tried them on once to try and fit in with an alien culture but the pain was too much and she decided to go barefoot instead.
  • Ties her hair back to think
  • Gives her companions all silly nicknames, and uses them so much that when she calls her companions their real names, they know something is up
  • Her bum bag is bigger on the inside
  • She’s just a happy, colourful, ray of sunshine. When people are around her, they are happy, they feel safe. She’s like a beacon for her companions; a reminder that they’re going to be okay. They believe nothing bad could ever happen to her, no one could bring her down, that she’ll never get hurt…but deep down 13 is still the same pained, lonely, aching Doctor, with so many memories that plague her. She’s sad underneath all of the joy and energy she gives out, but she would never admit that to anyone because she knows that’s she’s more than just a person…she’s a symbol of hope and she’d never want to take that away from anyone.
  • But sometimes she just needs a hug, and she asks for it. Everyone hugs her, but no one ever knows why.